Retail Math Quiz

10-questions or about 20-minutes

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I sold 88,000 units, which is 61% as much as you. How much did you sell?

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Last quarter you sold $1,200,000 at a 30% gross margin. This quarter you plan to raise prices to increase your gross margin rate by 3 points, and you expect a 6% drop in sales dollars (no change in cost). What percent change in gross margin dollars would you expect?

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You paid $130.00 for a jacket during a 35% off sale. How much money did you save?

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You sold $450,000 this year, 10% less than last year. Rest of market sales dropped 15% to $1,700,000 this year. What was your market share dollar change?

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Your sales of $84MM are down 18% versus last year and now represent 28% of the category. The total category grew 12% versus last year. Your goal was only 25% share of the category. You are how many dollars above your sales goal?

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My sales of 7,200 are 27% above my goal, so my boss raised my goal by 13%. What is my new goal?

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What is Delta Mart's market share of Medium?

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I sold 60,000 units, which is 35.0% less than my goal. How many more units do you need to sell to hit your goal?

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At a gross margin rate of 20% you generated $240 of profit. What were your top line sales?

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What is the answer for the total % change?

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