What is Business Insights:
Overview + Application (Green Belt) training?


Business Insights 1: Foundations (BI 1)

Covers the mechanics of business insights – retail math and Excel – to increase speed and proficiency, so more time can be allocated to analyzing data. Three self-paced online courses constitute the Foundations program.

  • Retail Math (recommended)
  • Excel Formulas & Functions (recommended)
  • Excel Charts (required)
  • Excel PivotTables are not part of the learning path but is part of the bundle of Excel courses you receive. PivotTable is an instrumental tool for effective and efficient data analysis.

Time commitment:

  • Required self-paced online courses: 2 hours
  • Required self-paced online practice exercises: 2 hours
  • Optional self-paced courses: 11 hours
  • Optional self-paced practice exercises: 38 hours